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The Law Of Life [entries|friends|calendar]
Love Me Leave Me

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[14 Sep 2014|01:31pm]
I started posting in live journal at 15. I am now 27. In twelve years my world has certainly changed. I am expecting my first child any day now and the joy he has already brought me I can not even begin to express. I have found an amazing travel companion and we have been married almost two years. I have a college degree and a good job and a cozy place to call home. I am so grateful that my life took this path. How wonderful it is to be present, to be happy and to be alive.
That Sealed My Fate

[04 Jun 2013|12:09am]
The transition of a working stiff to a student was not at all challenging, the transition from a student back to a working stiff has presented itself with some challenges. I just find it so disheartening that I have worked so hard for a degree that is utterly useless, I am now just very over qualified for the job I had before I went back to school. I wonder if all children of my generation struggle with the same sense of disillusion, or if they have settled into lives of mediocrity,failure and debt far better than I ever could.
That Sealed My Fate

[10 Apr 2013|07:41pm]

After a long and seemingly endless progression of educational endeavors, I find that in a week I will be a college graduate. It honestly seems like it was just yesterday that I decided to move up here to focus on completing the degree that would ultimately take me six years to finish, but that choice was the best choice I have made to this date. That one decision set off an amazing series of events that has led me to the place that I am today, I will admit that monetarily I do not have much but there is not a day that goes by that I don't wake up and feel satisfied and grateful for the bit of earth that I call home. I do not know what awaits me after I grasp that diploma, but that really doesn't matter, what matters is that I stay open to any path that the universe sets to take me on, after all forcing myself towards a destination I am not suited for, is just swimming against the current. I think of all the years that have passed by me while I searched for myself, I think that it took up until this point to realize I was capable of doing anything that I wanted to do and that realization came from finding my peace in this world. Along with my graduation from college, I will be a married woman in just one short month and that by far is something that I find to be perplexing, if only because I never thought I would get married. It seemed however that it was just because I had not found him yet, I had just bided my time with men who both inspired me and drained me, men who made me weak and then in return make me strong. I am grateful to have found Rich, the only true sense of home I've ever felt profoundly. To me being bound to him for life feels natural, like I have been tied to him since birth. I am proud of myself in this moment, proud of how hard I have had to work and proud for what it has produced. I am entirely grateful to all the spirits that be for this journey.

That Sealed My Fate

[07 Aug 2012|02:29am]
I am twenty-five, recently engaged, six months from away from being a college graduate. There are no words to describe how thankful I am. There are such great things at work in an existence we but barely understand, so all that I can do is reflect on just how beautiful this life is, or for how fortunate I am to have a loving family, to be marrying into a loving family, to have a future husband who no only accepts all my little quirks and hang ups but who understands them, to have a few amazing friends, a fat red dog and a modest roof covering my head. I have learned through great trial that it is much easier to go with the current than to fight against it. All I am is humbled at the divinity I see in simple things everyday, how lucky are we to be here, to see and feel and taste and love, even if it is only for but a brief second in the eyes of the Great Unknown.
That Sealed My Fate

[25 May 2011|07:28pm]
My brother turns 20 on Friday
and it breaks my heart
because once this little boy was my best friend
and now he is a stranger
and growing made this happen
All I have now is Atlanta
to remind me that he and I
have the same spirit
He is the only person
I ever think understood
what it was to be family
That Sealed My Fate

Change [17 Nov 2010|06:01pm]
I move to Saint Augustine in 8 weeks.
Things these days just seem easier.
Its just the process of stopping the urge to fight everything little change in life.
I am begining to travel
I have a book plan in the works
I love the man I found in this journey.
I love our sober life
I cant wait until tomorrow, first time in my life, that I can say that.
That Sealed My Fate

[20 Jun 2010|06:05pm]
Its fathers day now ten months in.. time is slowing down.. and this is everything.. In all this I found that you made me into something.. something real.. and however selfish, angry and damaged you are you are still it..I want a life with you.. I surrender.. its all I can do.. because when you know, you know.. there is no looking back.
That Sealed My Fate

January 2010 [10 Jan 2010|09:38pm]
This is a new year.. I am afraid of this economy.. I have faith in people and love again.. Trying to keep my head above water in this fiscal reality.. trying to maintain a job.. focusing more so on what God has given me.. and how grateful I am for that.
That Sealed My Fate

[05 Nov 2009|09:01pm]
Almost two months.. well I'm suprised for both of us.. Having you was like being blind and having sight for only a breif moment..it has made me more bitter about the possibility of happiness.. I dont understand.. maybe I never will.. Why God places people so perfectly and why we choose to walk away...
That Sealed My Fate

[23 Oct 2009|07:59pm]
I am your passenger.. but you barely know.. that I am here right beside you on every turn.. on every road..time like highway keeps going on and on.. and it brings me closer to you..
That Sealed My Fate

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